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Welcome to  Aaron’s Cruise Chatter Blog. It is a great time to take a cruise. From the Porthole.com  and Aaron’s Cruise Chatter.com websites are available to help satisfy your cruising needs. For those of you have never taken a cruise, Beginner’s Guide to Cruising will help you through the cruising process and is available at www.aaronscruisechatter.com and www.amazon.com.   Aaron’s Cruise Chatter website features Ports of Call, Caribbean Beaches, Happy Hour (many fun drink concoctions), Cruise Tips, Cruise Favorites, Cruise News, Cruise Lines and Ships (a listing of cruise lines and their ships), Cruise Lingo with culinary words and definitions often found on menus along with tips to help you decipher the use for all the dishes and silverware found on your dinner table. Enjoy!

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